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François Micol

François Micol was born in 1985 and grew up in Voiron, a small French town.

His parents had him start piano lessons when he was 8, but to no avail; he quit soon enough, having learned little. It was only around the time he turned 16 that a rapidly growing passion for music led him to start playing again. He hasn't stopped since.

Now hoping to make a living as a piano teacher and accompanist, and working his hardest towards it, he is studying piano at the Conservatoire of Lyon (France) under Chrystel Saussac.
Brahms - Intermezzi 
Chopin - Preludes 
Debussy - Preludes 
Decaux - Clairs de lune 
Ginastera - Danzas Argentinas 
Liszt - Poetic and Religious Harmonies 
Mozart - Sonatas 
Piazzolla - Chamber Music 
Poulenc - Nocturnes 
Ravel - Ma Mère l'Oye 
Scarlatti - Sonatas 
Schubert - Sonatas 
Clara Schumann - Chamber Music