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Ed Faulk

Ed was born in 1947 and began music training on the cornet. After deciding that he didn't have the proper lip for that instrument he shifted to piano studies at the age of 10. He continued for four years until moving to California where he took up the guitar, studying for 10 years. While living in Germany Ed undertook a study of the recorder playing the tenor and bass recorders (German fingering). He returned to the piano for two more years during that 10 year love affair with the guitar. While raising a family Ed continued to play the piano and the guitar, and studied the flute for two years.

With the children now grown and gone and retirement looming, Ed has returned to the piano and continues to explore the world of lost music. Ed's musical taste runs from Elizabethan to the beginning of the Romantic era with a special love for the lesser known composers.

Chopin - Preludes 
Haydn - Ten German Dances 
Krieger - Minuets 
Pleyel - miscellaneous 
Rameau - Tambourin