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Patrik Pietschmann

I was born on April 17, 1988 in Varnsdorf (Czech Republic) and moved to Germany in 1990.  At the age of 6 I took my first keyboard lesson. It was love at first sight between me and a Yamaha PSR-510.

Nearly 7 years later I broadened my horizons by playing on a CVP-207 Digital piano, which then brought me to the international competition of electronic keyboard instruments in Interlaken (Switzerland):

- Winner of the German championship
- Winner of the European championship (highest exceptional prize included)

- Second prize at the German championship “Tasto Solo”

- Winner of the German championship “Tasto Solo”

- First prize at “Jugend musiziert” (regional competition)…

Recognizing that “music was my first love…” I started taking professional piano lessons in one of Germany’s best Music Schools, the “Academy of Musical Arts” in Darmstadt. I feel honored to be taught by such great musicians like pianist Oliver Kolb, composer Alois Bröder (music theory) or the clarinetist Erwin Tomczyk.

Since then I have been performing as a piano soloist and accompanist in many musical projects. Among other things I performed with musical actor Jonathan Eio ( and there are coming new projects with him.

When I was 17, I listened to a film score for the first time – Hans Zimmer, Gladiator. I never had a real idol before but since that time it has been Hans Zimmer.

As a start, I began to write piano arrangements of scores like “Pearl Harbor” or “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Later on I tried to be more creative and I started to write my own music.
In order to become more professional,  I’m dealing with music software, the principles of orchestration and the functions of music in film. In 2006, I wrote the score to a short film - my first attempt!

After my civilian service I’m going to study music, because this is what I have always dreamed of.
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Beethoven - Symphonies Transcriptions 
Brahms - Hungarian Dances 
Mendelssohn - Variations serieuses