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Mompou composed his 12 preludes between 1927 and 1960. Only the first 10 were published in his lifetime, divided into two books, the first book (1-4) published in 1930 and the second book (5-10) in 1952. Preludes 11 and 12 were published posthumously in 2004.

Prelude no. 11 was dedicated to Alicia de Larrocha on the occasion of her wedding in 1950. She premiered the piece but Mompou apparently wasn't quite satisfied with the composition because he subsequently introduced an ossia for a certain pssage. When Larrocha queried him as to which of the two versions she should play, the composer joked, "one on weekends, the other on weekdays." In the version recorded here, both the original passage and the ossia are used (the ossia in the repeat).

Complete recording by Chris Breemer and Monica Alianello

Recorded november, 2009 (1-10) and august, 2013 (11-12)
1 Dans le style romance 1:27 Breemer, C.
2 Energiquement 3:49 Breemer, C.
3 Lentement et très expressif 2:14 Breemer, C.
4 (no title) 3:08 Breemer, C.
5 Moderato 2:07 Breemer, C.
6 Moderato (Pour la main gauche) 4:03 Breemer, C.
7 Deciso (Palmier d'étoiles) 2:40 Breemer, C.
8 Con lirica espressione 3:00 Breemer, C.
9 Languido 1:56 Breemer, C.
10 Moderato 1:35 Breemer, C.
11Andante 2:12Alianello, M.
12Cantabile 3:34Alianello, M.