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Nelson Scheja

Nelson Scheja was born in 1989 in Heidelberg, Germany, into a musically gifted family. He has a sister and a brother, both several years older. His mother recognised his strength in music early, as e.g. he was able to sing correct tones before he even could speak a word.
He took his first piano lesson at the age of six. In the following years he has practised only sparsely due to a lack of motivation and patience. Although he changed the teacher a few times, nobody could encourage him to practise more efficiently. In 2005, his mother sent him to another teacher as a last chance. Finally, about a year later, Nelson decided seriously to do more at the piano.
Nelson still attends the grammar school and is going to study physics after his graduation. He plays the piano as a hobby and doesn't plan a professional career with it. In his freetime, he also sings and whistles a lot and often thinks about mathematical oder physical problems.

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