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L'Almanach aux Images

L'Almanach aux Images (the Picture Book) is a set of 8 descriptive miniatures, written in 1911 and first published by Stainer and Bell in London. Each piece is prefaced by an appropriate French poem. The music takes its clue from Debussy (Children's Corner) and Fauré (Dolly Suite) but nonetheless avoids sounding merely derivative. Well written for the piano, the cycle contains many moments of great charm and poignant beauty.

Complete recording by Chris Breemer

Grovlez - l'Almanach aux Images
Recorded june 17, 2011
1 Les marionnettes2:54
2 Berceuse de la poupée 3:14
3 Sarabande3:20
4 Chanson du chasseur1:52
5 Les ânes 2:32
6 Le pastour1:57
7 Chanson de l'escarpolette1:32
8 Petites litanies de Jésus 2:34